Folder KS1 (Year 1 & Year 2)

Year 1 – Half Term 1


We have been studying Roald Dahl books this half term.  We have enjoyed learning about the Twits and we have used lots of different adjectives to describe what was in Mr Twit’s beard.  We also played lots of tricks on each other – just like Mr and Mrs Twit!  We really enjoyed playing our tricks on Mrs Green and Miss Simpson! Then we have moved on to the BFG and we have created our own giants, given them names and chosen adjectives to describe their personalities.  We had an exciting time following the instructions to make Frobscottle.  It tasted delicious but we had to try and not do any whizzpoppers in class.

In the last few weeks of half term we will be looking at Matilda.  We will learn all about the library and we will be writing book reviews of our favourite books.


We have worked really hard on our numbers this half term.  We have been learning about number bonds, ordering numbers, addition and subtraction.  We looked at Fred the ladybird and his family to help us with our number bonds and we have used an adding matching in the outdoor area.  We really enjoyed working with the numicon to show us how to take away numbers.  Next we are moving onto shapes.  We will be looking at different 2D shapes and seeing if we can make objects with them.


We have been looking at different materials and what they look and feel like.  We really enjoyed going on an investigation walk around school to see what materials we could find.

Continuous Provision

We have really enjoyed learning through play and we have been able to create BFG ears, dream catchers, trick boxes as well as building dream jars, chairs and a table for the BFG in the construction area.

Soon we will be making some chocolate crispie cakes, just like Bruce Boggtrotter in Matilda!


We have been looking at CHOCOLATE! We have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate factory and we have learnt where the cocoa bean comes from and how it is turned into chocolate.  We have researched different chocolate wrappers and we will be making our own!