Folder KS2 (Year 3 & Year 4)

Welcome to our Year 3/4  page.

During this half term we have been learning about the Ancient Greeks.  So far we have had a special visit from King Midas and learnt a valuable lesson about appreciating what we have, as he was a very greedy king! 

We have found out what it is like to live in Greece and created a fact sheet about modern life in Greece.  We’ve had lots of fun getting messy, paper macheing  Medusa’s head, next we’ve got to add snakes and decorate to make them look scary. 

As a class, we have learnt about the Greek Gods and their magical powers and then went on to create our own Tops Trumps card game.  We’re looking forward to our Greek dress up day to celebrate the end of this topic, where we will host our own Olympic Games and enjoy a great lunch.