The curriculum at Bursley Academy is a knowledge engaged curriculum, the pupils build a bank of knowledge in all subject areas, but this knowledge base underpins and enables the application of key learning skills.

It is carefully designed to meet the needs of all learners. It balances a drive for academic excellence alongside a broad range of experiences which excite, enthuse and engage pupils both in their learning within the academy and their lifelong learning.

We focus on key skills for learning as well as developing a deep knowledge base for pupils in all areas of the curriculum. Carefully planned activities are designed to allow children to learn, practice and apply their learning in a range of different ways.


The development of knowledge, skills and understanding.

Supporting pupils to aspire to the highest levels of achievement and excel as learners.

Providing carefully crafted learning opportunities which allow pupils to develop a deeper and wider understanding of key knowledge and skills in all subject areas.


The development of the whole pupil.

Supporting each individual to be emotionally literate and have a clear understanding of themselves.

Building resilience and confidence in pupils through challenge and support.

Developing global citizens ready to face the challenges of a changing society.

The application of learning through practical experience.

Providing pupils with the opportunity to explore and apply their knowledge, skills and understanding both inside and outside of the classroom.

Finding practical solutions to problems in a range of contexts by doing not just discussing.


If you would like any further information about our curriculum, please see the subject leadership team table below as to which member of staff is responsible.

Team 1: English, Maths & PSHE – Mrs Rosillo, Mrs Pickles, Mrs Green

Team 2: Science, ICT – Mrs Jones, Mr Bond, Mrs Nathanson

Team 3: Music, PE, Art, DT - Mrs Jesch, Miss Rushton, Miss Fallows

Team 4: History, Geography, RE – Miss Finney, Mrs Shallcross

Team 5: MFL – Miss Crookshank, Mrs Blakemore


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