Hi, we are the Prefects of Bursley Academy.  If you want to find out general information about us you have come to the right place!  Here you will find out about why we are here, what roles we have and much more.

How do you become a Prefect?

At the end of year five and the beginning of year six, teachers consider how good an example pupils have set in terms of behaviour and attitude.  They then discuss together which pupils they think will be good role models to others and improve our school.  Being a Prefect is a big responsibility and we expect those selected to rise to this challenge.

What are the responsibilities of a Prefect?

At Bursley Academy, we trust our Prefects to carry out different duties around the school, these include:

  • Modelling for other children how to behave well
  • Helping visitors who come to the school
  • Supervising during wet play times
  • Ensuring the children move around the school in a safe way
  • Help the younger pupils during lunchtime
  • Working with the teachers to make our school the best it can be

Who are this year's Prefects?

Each year a Head Boy and Head Girl are appointed to lead the prefects.  This year, Lilly and Jake were chosen for these roles.  To support the Head Boy and Head Girl we have Alex, Nathan, Cruz, Harvey, Callum, Nico, Elina, Emily, Lily, Molly, Azra and Olivia.

Would you like to be a Prefect in the future?

We hope being a Prefect is something you will aim towards as you progress through our school.  It's a great opportunity to work as part of a team and to contribute to our school community.  To stand a good chance of being a Prefect, make sure you stick to school rules, have a good attitude to learning and show good manners and you never know - it could be you!